Why you enjoy Street Photography?

Please note: This is one of the questions that people ask me most frequently, Well, I think it’s time to respond publicly with this post.


Street Photography is a continous challenge.

With Street Photography you can never know what will happen and what you will meet in the streets. With Street Photography also can not control scientifically the light as in studio photography, the variables are endless and constantly changing in street photography: it’s like going fishing.


Street Photography is probably the most difficult genre in Photography.

I am absolutely convinced of this. Street Photography is full of failures: you must be prepared on this. And you must be disciplinated to obtain important results. With other genres you can obtain great results with a depth study of the matter, through a good mastery of the technique. But Street Photography is not only a fact of technique. The content is more important. The content and the mood. Ant these elements in Street Photography you can have only through the eye.


I am interested in life and to represent the human conditions. Everyday.

To be a credible Street Photographer you must be someone open to the world, to the people, and you can not have a detached attitude with the persons. With Street Photography you can’t lie.


With Street Photography I can show another reality. Not only to document.

This is one of the things I love most with Street Photography. I can show only a partial truth, my crop of real or a distorted reality. Maybe an alternative reading, bringing out other stories, sometimes most fascinating than pure documentary image.


It’s a way to relax.

Street Photography is therapeutic. I can’t be nervous when i do Street Photography.

I have said before that is like going fishing. If you are nervous the fishes become aware of this.


It is an endless school.

Yes. Street Photography is a continous school. I learn from the street. But even many of my colleagues.

I discuss and compare myself with them. Constantly. And I am always ready to put myself under discussion. And with me also my photographic certainties.



I am sure that I forgot something. Street Photography for me is not only a photographic genre. For me Street Photography is Photography. The others only genres.


And you? Why you enjoy Street Photography? Please feeel you free to share your motivations commenting this post.

Alex Coghe.


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